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Terms of Use

Welcome to SLMA!

SLMA is based on community which allows people to connect with each other and develop. 

We do not sell your personal information to third parties, and we do not share information that directly identifies you (such as name, email address or other contact information) with 3rd parties unless you specifically give us permission.  Our privacy policy explains how we collect and use your personal data.

By using SLMA, services  (the "Service"), you agree to these Terms of Use. The service is provided by the Swedish Lebanese Medical Association, org. Number xxxxxx (hereinafter referred to as “SLMA”).

SLMA may, at its own discretion, make changes to the terms of use. The current agreement and revision date can be accessed under the "Terms of Use" page. Your continued use of the Service after acceptance of the revised agreement means that you accept the changes made in the revised agreement. SLMA may at any time and without prior notice, temporarily or permanently, change, terminate or suspend the operation of the service, or part thereof.


The service gives SLMA access to tools to share events, offer digital training, register attendance at activities, administer groups and members and facilitate communication with and between members. _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Although it is SLMA's intention that the service should be available as much as possible, it may happen that the service takes a break for example for scheduled maintenance, updates or for repairs in emergency situations.

Personal data management

SLMA's privacy policy contains information about how we process your personal data and how we protect your privacy when you use the service. By accepting these terms of use, you also confirm that you have read and accept the processing of your personal data as set out in our privacy policy. 

You always have the opportunity to independently add or edit your information on My page and you can also delete and remove your information in connection with deactivating your user account and requesting withdrawal from the association._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

The controller of personal data is SLMA's board. 


To be able to log in, you need to have completed SLMA's membership register and paid the entry fee. You can log in by registering an account. 

Use of Service 

Your account is personal and may not be transferred to or used by anyone else. You are responsible for ensuring that your login details do not fall into the wrong hands. 

Your obligations to SLMA

In order to make this community a safe place, it is mandatory that you:

  • Uses the same name you use in everyday life.

  • Provide accurate information about yourself.

  • Only creating an account (your own) 

  • Not share your password, grant access to your SLMA account to others or transfer your account to anyone else (without our permission).

  • You may not share anything that is illegal, misleading, discriminatory or fraudulent.

  • You may not share anything that infringes or violates anyone else's rights, including their intellectual property rights.

  • You must not upload viruses or malicious code or do anything that could disable, overburden or inhibit the proper functioning or nature of our products.

  • You may not seek access to or collect data from our Products using automated means (without our prior consent) or attempt to access data for which you are not authorized.

We may remove or block content that violates these provisions.

Term of validity of the terms

The Terms become effective when you accept them and remain in effect until terminated by you or SLMA . You terminate the terms by deleting your account and by requesting withdrawal from the association.

Contact us 

If you have any questions or comments regarding these terms of use, please contact us.

Revised 2020-10-30

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