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About SLMA

To deal with the challenges we face, problem solvers are needed who contribute with different perspectives. SLMA arose out of a desire to inspire and support those who need us, and a hope that actions speak louder than words.

SLMA consists of health and medical personnel including doctors, nurses, psychologists, assistant nurses, chiropractors, dentists and pharmacists. We work for networking, education and charity. Feel free to follow us on social media! 


We are also a branch of ILMA, the International Lebanese Medical Association. ILMA consists of over 30 member countries and works actively to assist Lebanon and the Lebanese healthcare system with skills development. This is done by, among other things, creating opportunities for exchange between, among other things, Lebanese medical students and doctors and the various member countries. ILMA also works actively with charity work in Lebanon and cooperates with the Lebanese Medical Association. 

Both SLMA and ILMA are religiously and non-partisan non-profit organizations. 


Contact us to find out more and get involved.

Om SLMA: Om oss
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