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Our charity work

ILMA and its Swedish branch SLMA have, due to the recent catastrophic events in Lebanon, worked very intensively with our charitable purpose towards the Lebanese people. The Lebanese healthcare diaspora, through ILMA and its member countries, has taken and continues to  take responsibility for alleviating people's suffering and saving lives.

Below you can read more about the projects we work with and have completed.

Pharmaceutical project

ILMA, via its member countries around the world, has donated hundreds of tons of medicines to Lebanon. These are distributed to hospitals / clinics / health centers  / private individuals with acute shortages.

This work continues via our various member countries. In Sweden, SLMA has applied for a wholesale license to contribute to our contribution. 

Refurbishment of the affected hospitals after the bomb

ILMA has largely contributed to equipping and getting the hospitals back on their feet after the catastrophic bomb. This by donating medical equipment to replace those who were injured by the bomb.

White Structure

SLMA has donated 42 pallets of medical equipment to 5 hospitals and the association ADFA. 

We have received these donated from Ryhov Hospital, Add Pharma, Skåne University Hospital and ASIH Löwenströmska Hospital. 

Education / skills development

ILMA and its member countries conduct webinars with internationally recognized medical lecturers to support the Lebanese health sector, especially now that the country is suffering from the so-called brain drain. 

Adult Students
Heart Shape

ILMA, with the help of its member countries, was among the first associations on the ground after the catastrophic bomb and helped by distributing food boxes to those in need. 

 Can you
Help us
Help others?


My name is Mirjam Messo, who is writing this, and I am a ST doctor and president of SLMA. I also sit on ILMA's social media committee.  

I am passionate about helping the suffering and above all children. 


All my zealots in SLMA work completely voluntarily.  We consist of a blissful mix of senior doctors, junior doctors, ST doctors, researchers, psychologists, students, nurses, dentists and chiropractors. Is there something you are wondering? Don't hesitate to contact me! 

Help us continue our vital work for the weak. 

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